Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hurting by Hockey

I love the fact that I can come to my blog and get some little relief from a bad day, and today wasn't the best to be honest. Even though the weather was beautiful, the sun made me feel like I was in California and my day was jam packed I feel defeated. Literally and emotionally!

It was our LEINSTER Semi-Final, we had such a great opportunity to make it far, and I know the past is the past but it's hard to let go of such a big thing. As you have probably guessed we played a hockey match today and as hard as it is to say, we were defeated. I absolutely love my hockey team and we played brilliantly we fought and fought and the sweat (as disgusting as it might sound!) was dripping from us, plus it was super sunny, okay! 

I have to say our goalie, Meg M is amazing and the amount of goals she has saved, let's just say if she got a euro for each time she saved a goal - she would be a millionaire! Of course I can't forget our spectacular Captain, 6th Year student, Ali. Words just cannot describe how amazing of a captain this girl is, she is the most wondeful hockey player I have ever seen pass through St. Wolstan's and she gives the most encourage talks before a match which truly mean so much, Suffice to say her absence was truly missed today. We were imagining her there on the sideline cheering us on, or playing a blinder on the pitch as usual! I can honestly say that I will miss this team with all my heart, over the past year we have become like a small knit family and not training for the rest of this year will break my heart! I don't want it to be over. 

Although we lost the match, it was not a struggle - we fought and we worked. It was such an unlucky goal but we were unlucky and we all have to deal will losing sometime, someone has to lose and someone has to win and sadly we were on the wrong side today. But next year, all the girls that will be with us get ready to work because we WILL win the Leinsters!

Love all of you girls and I know it feels horrible being defeated but time will pass & we'll be back on top of our game (with the help of some delicious Caramel Squares J )

This post has defiantly put me in a better mood, and all I'm thinking of is the fun times with you girls!

Talk soon xo

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