Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's been a long time coming

Okay, okay I'm a terrible blogger I know I should have blogged sooner because I have so much to fill y'all in on! 

Eriú Retreat

About two weeks ago Eriú went off to Glendalough for a little R & R, well more like reflection time on our annual retreat. I always love these days, because they are so relaxing and the scenery in Glendalough is so amazing! All of the girls were saying that we should come to the lake on picnics more often! The day was spent walking, so I was a little annoyed I had decided to wear such unhelpful shoes! We were all wrapped up and ready for the day, and the sun was shinning which we were blessed with. It was a time where we would spend with our own thoughts and we were encouraged to walk in silence, but of course being the chatty class we are that was a little difficult! Mrs L accompanied us along with Mr K, and we were led by two natives to Glendalough, one of whom was a priest who surprisingly knew a huge amount about technology and TV shows that are out at the moment! 
But all in all I loved the day - rain may have come but we were lucky, unlike today class Fódhla are gone and it has not stopped raining once! 

Swim a mile avec a smile!

Okay it really is "Swim a mile with a smile" but I was feeling a little adventurous! On Friday 20th the TYs headed to the National Aquatic Centre for the Ian Daly Swim a mile. It's a great cause set up by a fellow TY and her family, Eimear D. It was set up for her brother and has been running for years and so many of the TYs have been swimming a mile every year since they were young. A lot of the girls swam the mile and I'll post some pictures of them, but I hadn't been swimming in a while (I know, excuses, excuses!) but I swam 52 lengths! Eimear D, not surprisingly swam an amazing 128 lenghts!

Talk soon xo

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