Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sigh of relief...

Rehearsals, singing, laughs, drama, costumes, makeup.. the list is endless! After all of the build up to the renowned (in our school!!) School Musical - "The Sound of Music", my countdown has run out of time and last night was kick-off. We began the four-night wonder last night, the 5th December. The thrill was indescribable. We began at eight O'Clock and each and every actor, director, prop-person, wardrobe team (EVERYONE!) held their breath until the final call for bows. We were nervous to say the least. We still hadn't done a dress rehearsal or a full run through. But we were still extrememly excited! Of course, considering this was our first run through, there were some glitches. However, everyone did such a tremendous job, and I want to commend our Head Nun, Mother Abbess played by a sixth year who had the loss of a mic for the majority of her night. But he voice filled the hall, without the help of a microphone! All the children were wonderful, and of course Leah, our Maria was incredible which certainly wasn't a surprise.
   At half one today we're heading up to the GAA club for a short rehearsal and freshen up again before tonight's show, so goodluck to everyone involved again, And tonight should be a wonderful night, now that we know what goes wrong and where!
  This is a link to a short synopsis of the story line because I just realised that I have been blogging on about this musical and some of you may not know the entire storyline!

Talk soon xo


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