Tuesday, 20 September 2011

End of an Era.

Little less than a week ago, on September 14th, all current Transition and 5th Year students spent the first couple of hours in school waiting on that dreded bell and the voice of the Deputy Principal to call us to the hall, knowing it was time to recieve our results for the Junior Cert. All morning teachers were making their best effort to calm our nerves, through meditation and charades!
       In Third Year, no one could see past the Junior Cert. It felt as if the only thing that mattered was study, read, learn and study some more! Honestly, the 2weeks spent in doors as all other students in the school enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the summer, third years and sixth years were "locked" inside, with 2 exams a day, wasn't as bad as we expected.
       But on Wednesday, the build up to the results and the end of the Junior Cert, was finally over. It seemed so informal , we were handed our results in a brown envelope and sent on our way. Some girls screamed with excitement, others cried, even before the results were opened. It was all over very quickly. I didnt look at my results straight away, I was too nervous and I didnt know if I wanted to know exactly how I had done. I would have been heartbroken to see results that I wasn't happy with, after the hours and tears I had put in throughout third year. But I was absolutely over the moon with the results, some I honestly did not expect and as much as I dreded the opening of them and receiving them, Im glad to say that I can now put it behind me.
       Wednesday night, of course, brought with it: Celebrations! TYs and 5th years were almost unrecognisable with the dark tans, false nails, and dyed hair. We all headed to the "local" disco in a nightclub, Time. Each and every one of us had such an enjoyable night, which had to live up to great expectations.

Talk soon.

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