Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Feeling geographical!

So I'm sitting here in IT class, and after blogging about the Solheim Cup and all the other happenings that have gone on, Mrs. L has influenced us to talk about Geography (funny enought she's a Geography teacher too! Never would have guessed!) In Geography at the moment we're doing an 'Around The World Trip', and its really so interesting. We've been working on it for the past while, but the most stressful part, believe it or not is getting the flights! We have a budget of €12,000 each. Ok that is alot seeing as there is two in the group (I'm working with Martha Brady, she wanted to be mentioned!!) and we're going to very exotic places if I do say so myself: China, Sweden, Russia, Meh-hico, Kenya, Tanzania and Chile! Its uber exciting. In Russia we're going to this gorgeous lake; Lake Baikal.. here's a link to this picture below

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