Sunday, 25 September 2011

Golfers at the ready!

What a better way to spend your Friday afternoon than out in the sunshine in the beautiful grounds of Killeen castle watching the European and American women battle it out for the Solheim Cup (Golf btw!). During the week there was talk about the Solheim Cup in school, and students were given the chance to head along, free of charge! I don't know why I only decided to go on Thursday because it was such a great opportunity! There was about 15 girls, from 4th and 5th year that decided to go. We had very strict instructions from our PE teacher that there were to be no jeans worn or any tracksuits, which seemed very limiting. But we all looked as smart and as posh as you please heading of for the day. We first followed a group of the players around from the 14th to the 18th tee, it was such a gorgeous day - no clouds at all in the sky. The competition has been going on since Friday and ended today with singles. And believe it or not the Europeans walked away with the winning title :) Never understood golf so clearly until I visited this, its given my inspiration to get out and practice, the only thing I couldn't be bothered doing is the long 2hour walk!

Here's a link to the Solheim Cup website to get an idea of what its about & see all the players:

Talk soon xo

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