Tuesday, 6 September 2011

First TY Blog!

This is the first blog I've ever written, I've never done anything like 'blogging' before. To be honest, up until now I didn't really know what blogging was! I've reached my second week of TY and I absolutely love it so far. I loved TY on the first day back but it seems not everyone felt the same way. We really didn't do much, but I've been looking forward to TY for years and Im so excited to be finally here , after a tough year last year, of continuous studying & work, work, WORK! We seem to have a great year lined up for us & I'm excited to get involved in as much as I can. This is a year which is more focused on Personal Development, rather than academics. We've been given plenty of stuff to keep us busy, though! Alot of projects, in almost every subject. I was so happy when I heard that this year we'll be doing a musical - 'The Sound of Music'! I can't wait, because I'm going to have so much spare time.. I really hope that I get some part, even backstage! I have an audition later today - in 25mins! Agh! Im excited but obviously nervous too. I'll keep you updated on the Musical throughout the year :)


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