Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dinner Time! For some...

This is a difficult topic! There is just so much you can write about food. It's everywhere, and almost controls our lives. Every holiday revolves around food in some way - Christmas = need I even say anything?
Easter = chocolate bunnies! (Mmm..)
Halloween = Pumpkins (even though we don't eat them, it still counts)

We wake up to food, we deal with food throughout the day and then end the day with food! It's constantly food, food, food! But what if we didn't have this access? What if we woke up to nothing, had nothing through out the day and fell asleep again with an empty stomach? I bring this up because just recently in Religion class we've been learning about the Millennium Development Goals and their importance - and No.1 is to 'Eradicate Extreme poverty and hunger'. The first, and most important goal is to do with food.

Food is our key to survival. We can survive only a few weeks on water alone and after that food must be consumed. But in countries where the 'tesco' isn't our next door neighbour problems are much more severe. The MDGs have high aims to lower the number of people in developing countries, especially, living in disastrous conditions. By the way, if ever you decide you want to educate yourself on some important topic, I would definatly reccommend the MDGs (sounds like I'm reccommending a movie or book!). But they are very interesting and some statistics are absolutely shocking! But here's a link to a brilliant website giving information on all the goals.

But, back to the point I was making before. Food has such a huge effect on people not only physically but mentally. For example, when I need food let's just say you'll know about it cause I might get a little bit crabby! But as well there are many disorders concentrated on the topic of food. People in most third world countries are starved for their entire life - from the moment they were born as their mother was not given enough nutrition through out her pregnancy. There are so many diffirent effects food can have on people. There is a huge contrast to those living in developing countries to developed. The phisical contrast is unbelievable and it's hard to understand how one country can have such a wide availablity of food in comparision to another that result in famine. Some may question is famine even acceptable in the 21sh Century with all the advances in technology? There could be deabtes that would continue on without ending, but the bottom line is - what is going to be done about it?

Food is such a wide topic, there is so much to write about it, but what I wanted to get out of this blog was to highlight the importance of food and it's diffirent effects. The MDGs are very important in the role of improving food levels in some countries and to get rid of death due to starvation. Like many other things, food isn't shared equally in the world which needs to change.

I know some of you might find this a very boring blog kinda "down in the dumps" but hopefully it will show you that the food you eat every day shouldn't be taken for granted and next time you drink your coffee and leave it to go cold think of the poor people in Kenya who slaved for hours and get less than quarter the profit. Or the next time you let the bananas go brown think of young people, school-going age, who have left anf forced to work to earn some money.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Hope you all enjoyed the blogging today and leave me a comment or link to your piece on food!

Talk soon xo

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