Thursday, 13 October 2011

Things to do.. Want me to write a novel?

Okay so our next 'small' task of TY is to make a list of all the things we have to do! Are you kidding? The list will be NEVER ENDING! I'm going to try to confine my list to less than 10 things.. here it goes.

Numero uno:
Geography Project! Agh, super stressful! I've already dedicated a blog to the project, but just in case you haven't read it: it's an Around The World Trip and we are given €12,000 each to go off and spend on a first, second and third world country of our choice. It may sound easy, but you would definatly be mistaken! Well, that must be done for 3 weeks time! Evn though I know we've had 6 weeks already, TY has been stressful enougt so I've barely had time to think let alone do!

No. 2:
MINI COMPANY! Okay I know I was barking on about the geography project, but after our visit to the Kildare Enterprise meeting yesterday all of us are feeling the pressure. Our idea is good, we think anyway for the competition! We have a meeting today, which is very formal - in the Demo room at 1.20 (remember that girls!). We have an agenda, the minutes will be taken and a roll call! Woo! We have promised oursleves that we will disuss the Mini Company ONLY. Nothing else. For our next Kildare meeting we must have our product (or a good excuse not to have it!!) and from the looks of things we mightn't have the product. We firstly have to fundraise money (hoping to go to the farmer's market on Saturday to sale cakes!) because we honestly need mula mula mula! $$$

Okay, I know have it done.. but I'm so proud with myself I have to put this up! WORK EXPERIENCE! This would have been the first tihng on my list, this time last week, but I got a placement for November.. FINALLY! I put so much effort into work experience, and I was getting really dis-heartened when every place I contacted turned me down. But last week I rang a restaurant and they seemed happy to offer me the work! *Weight off my shoulders* And its something Im interested in.. now all I hope is that I'll have an enjoyable week.

We only got FOUR minutes..
Read, read, read! It may not seem like its the top of the list for most people, but from creative writing and english class (and Niamh!) I've been influenced to read. I'm very proud of Niamhy here, cos she has read "Jane Eyre" and boy is that tough! I'm in the midst of reading something atm but I haven't gotten into it properly yet so my goal is to begin to enjoy the books, rather than feeling like its a must.

5 Five 5 Five 5 Five..
MUSICAL MUSICAL MUSICAL! (Just felt the need there to repeat everything!) I have been cast as 'Frau Schmidt' the housekeeper in The Sound of Music. Although it may not seem as a huge part.. the best thing is rehearsals. Have them today!! Woo, I LOVE GOING TO THEM !

Talk soon xo

PS. Orla is beside me right now with her arm around me. I annoyed her. But I said sorry. So therefore we're friends again!

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