Thursday, 20 October 2011

Juno & The Paycock - yes, Paycock not Peacock

Most of you probably won't know this play ( yes btw it's a play!) written by Séan ó Casey, an Irish writer. It's set in Dublin around the 1920s, so around the 1916 rising and anything to do with that and Im instantly interested! It's about a family of four - Mr. Boyle, or as he would rather be reffered to as 'The Captain' , his wife Juno and their two 'chizzlers' Johnny and Mary. It's all very dramatic - it can be tragic and funny at the same time. But what an explosion of an ending!! CAUTION: if you don't want to know the ending turn away now!

Mary gets pregnant. And Johnny (after losing his arm in another battle) is killed.

Wondering why I'm telling you about this play? Well, inné all Transition Years went into Dublin City to the Abbey Theatre to see this play. It was brill! I'm really into acting (maybe not the best myslef but love to watch actors) and I have to applaud the setting on the stage - I think it looked so cool! They had a stove, and an old bed, old chair which was literally in taters. My stomach started to rumble during the play because Juno (the mother) began to cook sausages for the family for breaky! You could smell the sausages and I never believed before that, that the actors actually cooked the food! Anyway enough about food, that was my last blog! But on our wonderful journey yesterday in town, not onbly did we see the play but we also got to visit the Yeats exhibition and the National Musuem and I'm guessing the National musuem was the highlight of most people's tour with the bog bodies!

I'm gonna post a picture of the bog bodies so if you're squemish probably best you don't look!

This guy was in the National Musuem. Most of the bodies were murdered and then buried in the bogs!

The day was orgainised by all TY English teachers and Mrs. L! Thanks to them for a great day!

I'll blog later today hopefully!

Talk soon xo


  1. I love the title of your post :) I also like the expression, "brill." Truly--I can't wait to use it on my students and watch their faces.haha

    Glad you enjoyed them movie :)

  2. Thank you for your comment Mrs. Forsberg! :) The slang we use here in Irland is pretty crazy! How did it go down with the class - were they impressed? Lol :)